Money Plant #1 #2 #3

Money Plant #1 #2 #3

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Teeth clenched,
Another day lost in challenge and witless humour
(all) just a number in all honesty
Grief is an inconvenience it seems
In the day to day targets and statistics
Fogged eyes
Human truth and then the timescales arise
Surely this should all be done with by now?
Funeral day passed
A target for the grief to pass
Vacant words
But I’m not stupid,
Despite what you think
Each day I put on my mask
But I’m not going to lose who I am
Like you
To sales, money and emptiness
At least my grief
Reminds me of that

I don’t usually write poetry, but this came to me almost automatically. So I’m sharing it’s for @dVersePoets #poetics

All That Glitters (new painting)

ALL THAT GLITTERS (Mixed Media 2012)

‘All That Glitters’ is part of a new series of paintings which is part of the ‘Lifetime Knots’ series. In this painting, I have used the female form as the basis of the painting itself. The use of sparkly mixed media is to represent the materialism which is engulfing the idea of beauty within our western society. As part of these works I want to challenge the position of the importance of material value against the simplistics of what is of true value in our lives.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

New painting added!! Syphilis – see Gallery

Syphilis is one of my all time favourite paintings which I did for my Graduation show (quite some time ago now!). I took inspiration from my all time favourite film genre -Horror, in particular THE VAMPIRE! I was working on a study at the time based around female prostitution and their representation within Victorian society. I found it interesting that this representation had many similarities to the cinematic representation of the Vampire. The bite, blood, lust and the idea that both were seen as a bringing disorder to a ‘pure’ and ‘moral’ patriarchal society. The cinematic vampire of last century had many features which could have been perceived as being feminine and foreign and therefore ‘demonised’. I used the metaphor of the sexually transmitted disease Syphilis to suggest these similarities and to question the position of female sexuality within our societies of history and the modern day. Now – this painting looks FAB in my dining room!