Teeth clenched,
Another day lost in challenge and witless humour
(all) just a number in all honesty
Grief is an inconvenience it seems
In the day to day targets and statistics
Fogged eyes
Human truth and then the timescales arise
Surely this should all be done with by now?
Funeral day passed
A target for the grief to pass
Vacant words
But I’m not stupid,
Despite what you think
Each day I put on my mask
But I’m not going to lose who I am
Like you
To sales, money and emptiness
At least my grief
Reminds me of that

I don’t usually write poetry, but this came to me almost automatically. So I’m sharing it’s for @dVersePoets #poetics


12 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. no time for feelings just getting hte job done…part of the machine…and getting lost in spreadsheets and targets…i worked in that world before but escaped…thank goodness….smiles…

  2. Each day I put on my mask
    But Iā€™m not going to lose who I am
    Like you
    To sales, money and emptiness…. it’s hard to have to put on that mask everyday…some have no choice.. and it’s a high price to be paid…a tight and emotional write caroline

  3. Think we’ve all felt like this from time to time. Money is the big driving force in anything that we do in this day and age. Moving piece, well written with the fluidity of thought that only an artist could have x

  4. This is written so well and so emotively. I just imagine sometimes what a happy place this world would be if everyone could do just what they pleased for work. I mean practically that would mean they’d need to make a means to survive but what if that just meant collecting some eggs, milking a cow…anyway I think that would be ideal. I’m glad you wrote this, it’s a thought provoking poem!

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