All That Glitters (new painting)

ALL THAT GLITTERS (Mixed Media 2012)

‘All That Glitters’ is part of a new series of paintings which is part of the ‘Lifetime Knots’ series. In this painting, I have used the female form as the basis of the painting itself. The use of sparkly mixed media is to represent the materialism which is engulfing the idea of beauty within our western society. As part of these works I want to challenge the position of the importance of material value against the simplistics of what is of true value in our lives.

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters

All That Glitters


2 thoughts on “All That Glitters (new painting)

  1. Caroline! My two favorite elements of art are color and texture and how well you’ve met my art-lover needs in these. I enjoy working in mixed media, too, and you give me ideas for my left over beads. Good luck.

    • Thank you! That is so kind of you! I love to see textures and shapes that you wouldn’t necesserly see at first glance. When you look closer you can see a whole new picture within the picture! Mixed media is an amazing tool for this. Looking forward to sharing work and ideas! 🙂

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